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Buying guide

The payment can be done in different modes: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Carta Aurea, Postepay o American Express)

To correctly execute a transaction using the order  form of shopping by credit cards ,it is necesary  to follow this simple steps

  1. Insert the item in the cart and click on ''show cart'';
  2. Click on ''''Continue with payment'';
  3. Create an account (if you don't already have one) of log-in (if you are not logged in yet);
  4. Fill in the field and click on continue;
  5. Select the mode of payment;

Verify that  the type of Credit Card used for the shopping is among the valid ones in the web site.

a)      VISA

b)      MasterCard

c)      American Express

d)     Carta Aurea

e)      Postepay

You are going to be redirected on PayPal web site and than you can continue with the payment even if you don't have a paypal account or a registration on paypal website.

If you already have a paypal account continue to log in and carry on with the payment. 

Confirmed Bank Transfer -  This is the traditional system of  transfer funds, commonly used to do corporate gifts. In this case, the order is going to proceed whit the notification of successful payment from the bank .

Banking Coordinate for Bank Transfer:
Lapenna Antonio
IBAN: IT92G0306941346100000006506

This coordinates are goin to be on the order receipt  at the moment of the confirm ,with the possibility to print it. Plus we are going to send a copy of the receipt via e-mail ,as order confirmation.


If the invoice is desired, it must be specified when ordering, indicating the complete data of VAT number and / or Fiscal Code. Otherwise, the invoice can no longer be requested.At the time of the invoice request it is mandatory to indicate correctly the VAT number in case of purchases by companies, and the Tax Code in case of purchases by individuals.We record the sales in the register of fees. The summary of the purchase, also valid for the purposes of warranty, can be downloaded from the section dedicated to you, after logging on our site.We remind you that for e-commerce transactions, the receipt is not sent, unless explicitly requested in advance by the Customer.For online sales, attributable to mail order sales, there is in fact no obligation to invoice (see Article 22 of Presidential Decree No. 633 26/10/1972) or receipt (reference to Article 2 of Presidential Decree No. 696 21/12 / 1996).

Fully safe

Buy with safety on arteluceonline.com using Paypal system:

If you shop with arteluceonline.com , you have the confirm that your details are safe from any attack. With paypal you pay your shopping without share your commercial details with us, infact we recieve the payment in a rapid and safe way on our paypal account. 

Your safety is the absolute priority of PayPal 

PayPal safeguard  your privacy and your financial and personal details with advanced systems of.automatic encryption details. Plus , a anti fraud team controls the transactions 24h on 24 and if you shop online,you can count on PayPal buyers protection.

Paypal safeguard your shopping!

The majority of online shopping is successfully concluded. In case something goes wrong paypal helps you. You didn't recieved the item thet you are expecting? No problem : if we don't offer you a satisfying solution, we do the refund on the entire purchase value,shipping taxes included.

How To Do It:

If you don't recieve the payed items with paypal ,contact us: give us a chance to solve the problem for you.

If we don't get to a solution ,start a dispute in the solution centre of your paypal account within 45 days from the payment. PayPal will make easier the communication between you and us.

If you are not satisfyed of the results ,turn the dispute in reclaim within 20 days . If your request corresponds to the requirements ,you are going to be refunded of the entire purchase value ,shipping tax included.

Times to respect in case of problems:

  • Pay the item
  • Open a dispute within 45 days
  • Convert in reclaim within 20 days from the dispute

*PayPal apply the rules provided by terms of use available on paypal.it. The protection is applied just to payments on sendable material goods, allowed by paypal rules and it expend to shipping taxes incurred for the original delivery of the item, but not to the ones that sostitute the original i,which is provided from terms of conditions 


It is not true that pay online  by credit card is dangerous.

The statistics show that go back to sensitive data from a online transaction is hard and complicated more than physically steal the card itself. If we think in fact  how we pay on a restourant or boutique we can notice that is more dangerous than we thought because we giv our information to someone we don't know.

Delivery Methods

Shipping are made by fast and safe courier service BARTOLINI O SDA.
The type of the items proposed imposes high level of security. Special procedure studied for this sector allow us to make the shipping really safe. the partnership that we seted up with the most important companies in the industry (SDA and UPS) allow us to guarantee a quality service. We guarantee shipping within 20 days for italy (by truck) 30 days for EU (by truck and plane) 30 days for extra CEE (by plane). Shippings are made everyday  exept saturday and sunday next to the product arrives in our company. Coriers deliver from monday to fridat too. 
The packaging are created to reduce at the minimum the eventual  breaks 
The merchandising are  handled with swiftness and taken by couriers on the means of transport to have a immediate notice of eventual abnormalities. The merchandise is managed exlusively by authorized personnel 
At the delivery time of the item the customer have to check:

-That the number of the parcel delivered correspond to the ones indicate on the transport document;

- That the packaging results whole and not changed by closure tapes

In case of anomalies or damages of the product, the customer has to notify immediately the shipping/delivery writing ''SUBJECT TO CHECKS''  on the document of the deliver received from the courier. If you don't write this note ARTELUCEONLINE is NOT LIABLE of damages caused by the courier. After that the customer has to report possible damages 3 days after the delivery of the merchandise. After the 3 days established arteluceonline.com is not more liable of any damage during the shipping.

Shipping times

A item shipping time change according to our store availability of the item that you chose.I

Every item has in his details sheet that indicates the shipping time. It will be our commitment  (arteluceonline) comunicate to the customer eventual changes on shipping time.

About the items available on our store the shipping will be within 24/48 hour after the notification of your payment .

Instead the product available made to order have different shipping time depending on the availability from the manufacturer.

Right of the company Arteluceonline:

The technical information relating to the products and the corresponding prices, included in the site Arteluceonline refer to the technical characteristics provided by the manufacturers. Nevertheless, there may be inconsistencies between what has been declared by the manufacturer and the goods themselves. Therefore, we would like to point out that Arteluceonline has the right to refuse or cancel any such order, even in the case of confirmed orders and for which the amount paid has already been charged. In the latter case, we will provide for the immediate refund of the amount charged. Consequently, as a company subject to third parties (suppliers, manufacturers), Arteluceonline is not required to give compulsory explanations to the customer for the cancellation of the order.
In case of non-acceptance of the latter, Arteluceonline is committed to a timely communication to the Customer.

Right of whitdrawal

Every private customer that shops from our e-commerce has the right of ask for the whitdrawal according to the current rules ,within 14 days maximum (non-working) from the day of the delivery,without any specific reason.In case of whitdrawal the customer has the right to ask for a refund of the purchase ,or ask for a swap of the item with a one with the same or higher price. Shipping taxes will not be refunded just if indicate in the order confirmation,otherwise we will refunf the entire purchase value.

How to use the right of whitedrawal:
To obtain the refund (or just to swap the itam) it is necessary to communicate the voluntee of whitedrawal  within 14 non working days  from the delivery date , sending a communication via fax at the number  +39 0883882194  or via e-mail at the  artelucebarletta@tiscali.it. address. It is essential to return the item at customer's expense to: Arte Luce, Via regina margherita 215, 76121 Barletta (Bari).

The products that you have to return have to be sended to our company in the same condition in which the item has been delivered,not used,not installed , in thesame packaging in which we made the shipping and full of every accessory part present inside the box at the sending time.